Taufiq Hidayat, Abu Bakar, Nurbaity Bustamam


Hidayat Taufiq, The lifestyles of LGBT people in Banda Aceh. A thesis, Department of Guidance and Counseling, Teacher Training and Education Faculty, Syiah Kuala University. Supervisors:
(1) Drs. Abu Bakar, M.Si., (2) Nurbaity, S.Pd., M.Ed.

Keywords: Lifestyle, LGBT, Community

Homosexual is a growing problem faced by current societies. The same-sex devotees have their own traditions in establishing their space identity and lifestyle and often try to conceal their sexual orientation from the public. This study aimed to learn the lifestyles of the LGBT community in Banda Aceh. This study used the qualitative descriptive approach. The subjects were 5 homosexual singles aged 19 to 27 years, while the objects were their social lifestyles. The data were collected through interviews. The results of the descriptive analysis showed that factors affecting the homosexual lifestyle in the society were activities, interests, and opinions. Homosexual lifestyles are the lifestyles of a homosexual person with diverged sexual orientation such as interacting and having sexual intercourse with the same-sex individuals. The sexual behaviors of the homosexual couples were similar to that of the normal couples such as holding hands and hugging. The main distinctive behavior was that they preferred a private sexual intercourse. This behavior was driven by the fact that homosexual preferences are considered as unnatural behaviors that diverge from a variety of existing social rules, values, and norms. Therefore, counseling teachers are expected to thoroughly and extensively provide guidance about deviant behaviors such as homosexual. With adequate knowledge, students can take care of themselves and restrict themselves from falling to deviant behaviors against the social norms.

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