PREVALENSI GIGI KANINUS MAKSILA EKTOPIK DI KOTA BANDA ACEH (Studi pada Siswa/i Kelas 6 SDN dalam Wilayah Kecamatan Kuta Alam)

Thania Khanza Makmur, Rafinus Arifin, Putri Rahmi Noviyandri


ABSTRACT The canines has an important role in the oral cavity, which serves for stability and development of the arch form, aesthetics, function occlusion and facial profile symmetry. Growth of the canines can occurs ectopic and can causes disturbances during eruption such as cause root resorption of the adjacent teeth, migration of the adjacent teeth, loss of the dental arch length, agenesis of the lateral incisors and ankylosis of the maxillary canines. The purpose of this study is to know prevalence of ectopic maxillary canines in the city of Banda Aceh on the students grade 6 Elementary School in the subdistrict of Kuta Alam. This study is a descriptive study with cross-sectional study approach. The method of subject selection was done by purposive sampling method involved 70 subjects which is students of 12 SDN in the subdistrict of Kuta Alam Banda Aceh. This study used classification of ectopic maxillary canines according to Pavlina Cernochova and friends (2011), both are based on the type of ectopic eruption, side the canines that ectopic eruption, and position of the crown canines associated with dental arch. The result of this study showed that prevalence ectopic maxillary canines in the city of Banda Aceh on the students grade 6 SDN in the subdistrict of Kuta Alam 14,5%. The conclusion of this study is ectopic maxillary canines generally occurs in males than females with prevalence 14,5%.
Keywords: Ectopic Maxillary Canines

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