JIMEKA encourages submission of original and unpublished accounting articles by means of all research methods including qualitative, quantitative, or combination methods. While the special area of interest has been on Islamic accounting and public sector accounting, the journal also welcomes the submission of articles in other relevant areas of accounting research; therefore it is very important to establish an ethical standard for all entities involved in the publication of the article.

Responsibilities of editorial team

JIMEKA has an editorial team consist of an editorial in chief and a managing editor, and board of editors. The JIMEKA led by the editor in chief. The responsibilities of the editorial team as follows:  

  1. Editor in chief and managing editors have a fully responsibility and authority to accept or reject an article. Article submitted by the authors to JIMEKA are distributed by editor in chief or managing editors to editor in board or external reviewers. JIMEKA relies on the double-blind peer-review process to uphold the quality and validity of individual articles and the journals that publish them.
  2. A decision to publish an article, editors should be objective and fair when conducting their duties without making any discrimination on gender, ethnic, religion, political view or geographical origin of the authors. Editor has the right to do editorial revision of the accepted manuscript. Editors should also accept article based on quality of an article on academic merit. Responsibilities of reviewers are requested to assist in improving the quality of an article within a scheduled period of time set by editor in chief or managing editor. Reviewers contribute to the decision-making process on the article. If reviewers find any published or submitted content similar to article that under review, the editor has to be informed. Reviewers should have no conflict of interest with respect to the research, the authors and/or the research funders. Any confidentiality of information supplied by the editor or author should be maintained.

Responsibilities of authors

Authors are responsible to provide original research which have not being published in any publication. The Authors are also responsible to accurate data and to provide the data when they are requested. To ensure originality, the authors need to check the originality of article using plagiarism checker before the article submission. The Authors have to fill and submit copy right transfer form available in the website when submitting their manuscript. When reproducing data from other sources, proper citation and permission are required.

Publishing ethics issues

Authors, reviewers and editors should maintain the integrity of the academic record during the whole process of publication.

Article Submission and Publication Charges

No charge for every article submission and publication