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Dr. Ratna Mulyany, BACC., MSACC

Dr. Ratna Mulyany, BACC., MSACC Mail
Accounting Department Economics and Business Faculty Syiah Kuala University, Indonesia




Born in Panton Labu, Aceh Utara on 28 February 1982. Being a daughter of a teacher made me love schooling hence started my primary school at the age of 5 years old. I then persuaded my parents to send me to Islamic Boarding School Ulumul Quran in Langsa. Inspired by seniors who were studying in Malaysia, me and few school mates decided to apply to International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). I was accepted  as a student of Bachelor of Accounting at the Kulliyyah of Economics and Management Sciences, and completed my study in 2004.  Upon graduation, I secured a job as a marketing executive in Malaysian petroleum company, PETRONAS and worked untill 2006. In 2008, I completed my MSc in accounting from IIUM while in 2015, I completed PhD in accounting from the same university respectively. Since the end 2015, I have been affiliated with Department of Accounting, University of Syiah Kuala. My passion in education is rooted from the belief that everyday is a struggle for each of us to be a better servant to the Almighty. Academically, my special area of interest has been on Islamic accounting and finance. Following is my research ID in Google scholar 

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